Petastic™ vs. Nature’s Miracle®

Those of us with pets have learned to rely on odor-killing products such as Petastic™ and Nature’s Miracle®; however, most of us have no idea what the difference is – or if there IS a difference. We’re still house-training Bono, so we go through a lot of Petastic™.

“Bono” (BONN-oh)
Our current housetraining challenge

Long ago, I heard that, although Petastic’s™ manufacturer, Venus Laboratories, was the originator of the legendary odor remover, they had sold its name, “Nature’s Miracle®,” to a company called Pets ‘n People, Inc. The original formula, however, stayed with Venus Labs and became Petastic™. Are you confused yet? Sorry, it only gets worse.

On the label of the Petastic™ bottle (or gallon jug, in our case), is the following message:

Nature’s Miracle® is a registered trademark of Pets ‘N People, Inc. Venus Laboratories, Inc., is the creator and owner of the formulation previously supplied to Pets ‘N People for its Nature’s Miracle® brands of stain & odor removers. Venus Laboratories, Inc., is now marketing the formulation under the brand name Venus Pet Products stain & odor removers. Venus Laboratories, Inc., is not affiliated with Pets ‘N People, Inc.

I had to read this a couple of times to make sure I understood it. Basically it was the same thing I’d been hearing for so long. What I still wanted to know, however, was did the formula change after it was sold to Pets ‘n People, or were Petastic™ and Nature’s Miracle® the same product? After searching online for a definitive answer and not finding one, I sent an email directly to Venus Laboratories with the following question:

Are Petastic™ and Nature’s Miracle® the same formula? I’d like a definitive answer, please.

Not more than an hour later, I received this response:

The people that make Petastic™ made the original Nature’s Miracle® formula, which they own. The current Nature’s Miracle® formula is not the original formula. Petastic™ stain & odor remover is the original formula. So the short answer is no.

So what are the differences? That’s impossible to determine, since Petastic’s™ ingredients include “unique blend of proprietary enzymes, detergents and odor counteractants,” and Nature’s Miracle’s® ingredients are listed as “water, nature’s enzymes, isopropyl, alcohol, natural citrus scent.” In other words, the formulae are proprietary. That’s fine; we don’t share our proprietary formulae, either.

We don’t recommend one product over the other, and we’re not implying that one is better than the other. We’re just sorting the information for consumers who believe they’re buying one thing when, in reality, they’re buying something different. There are numerous posters on many different discussion forums who believe they’ve been using the same Nature’s Miracle® for the past 20 years. Sorry, but that can’t be. Venus Labs sold the rights to the Nature’s Miracle® name in 2003; they didn’t sell the formula.

Just so you know….


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4 thoughts on “Petastic™ vs. Nature’s Miracle®

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  2. Wow! This really explains a lot! Seems a bit sneaky & shady on the part of both businesses to manipulate consumers that way. It makes me not want to purchase either product. Thank you for getting to the bottom of this! 🙂

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