Necessity: Pet Name Tags

Last week, a friend found a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy alone on a neighborhood street. He guessed the pup to be between 8-10 weeks old. After knocking on a couple of doors, trying to find the pup’s owner and having no luck, he took the puppy home with him. The next day, my friend went back to the neighborhood where he’d found the puppy. This time, there were “Lost Puppy” signs everywhere. He called the number on the sign and located the pup’s owner. She said the pup had just arrived from Ireland the day before my friend found it. She had been working in the yard and the pup managed to wander off.

Cheeto, Furfection “Spokescat”

Obviously, in a case like this, a name tag could have prevented a lot of stress for the puppy’s owner. Even though she’d only had the pup a couple of days, it would have been a good idea to have had a collar and ID tag waiting for the little guy’s arrival.

Responsible pet owners know that microchipping is one of the best ways to help identify their pets should they ever become lost. Unfortunately, if the pet isn’t wearing a collar with an identification tag, the finder of the lost pet has to take the pet to a vet’s office to have the chip scanned.

All four Furfection “spokespets” wear collars and name tags 24/7. Even though our felines, “Cheeto” and “Sophie,” are indoors only, we feel that’s yet another reason to have them wear name tags. If they managed to “escape” sometime when the dogs were going out or coming in, at least people would know they already have a home.

Sophie, Furfection “Spokescat”

Today’s pet owners have so many choices when it comes to name tags. Don’t risk losing your precious pet. Tag ’em in case they happen to wander off. Every little bit helps when it comes to protecting our furkids.


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