First-hand: "Greenies®"

For most of “Casey’s” 2.5 years, “Greenies®” have been his very favorite treat. He could hear the word “Greenie” from 500 yards, or at least it seemed like it. When we gave him one, he’d take it under the dining room table and savor it for a long time before actually eating it. We called this his “dining experience.”

Case has had some unusual, painful incidents during this time, and only last week did we discover their cause. These incidents were almost identical, so I’ll only describe the latest one.

As I stepped out of the shower one morning, I heard a blood-curdling “Casey scream.” I ran to the living room, dripping all the way, and found Casey sitting there, looking at the ceiling as he continued to scream. I picked him up and looked him over for any sore areas or any places sensitive to my touch. There were none. When I put him down, he went into a “play bow,” but I knew he didn’t want to play. He kept his rear up in the air for quite a while, then he seemed to feel better. Bono encouraged him to play, and the two of them headed outside. I still kept an eye on them from the window.

Casey’s prize-winning photo

Later that day, as we were walking through the park, Casey relieved himself in his favorite spot. As I cleaned it up with a plastic bag, I saw at least 1/4 of a “Greenie®” – undigested. Through the plastic, I pinched it to see if it was soft. It wasn’t; it was as hard as when I originally gave it to him.

Casey weighs 12.5 pounds, and I can only imagine how painful it must have been as that chunk of a petite* “Greenie®” moved through his system. Fortunately, there haven’t been any further screaming episodes, but he hasn’t had any more “Greenies®” since then, either.

I mentioned earlier that Casey had had this type of episode a few times in the past. During those times, I had assumed he had gas, because it always seemed to pass without needing a trip to the vet. It never occurred to me to check his “output” for chunks of “Greenies®.” While I would never tell anyone not to feed their dogs these treats, I will tell you Casey and Bono have had their last “Greenie®.”

*Even though “Greenies®” website recommends the “Teenie” size for dogs 5-15 pounds, they sent us the “Petite” size as a prize when they chose Casey’s photo for their 2006 calendar. That’s the same size we’d been giving him and Bono.


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